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Restaurant & Order Management Software

Disrupting the food service industry

Soon: Delivery & Takeaway


dinerr is a one-stop shop food ordering platform, focused on convenience and service

You can use dinerr as

your standalone restaurant management system

order management system in combination with your Point of Sale

or simply as an editable, digital version of your menu

What makes us different?

What makes us different?

  • No hardware investment needed

    All you need is a computer, tablet or phone

  • Completely free. Forever.

    No fees or subscriptions apply

  • Compatible with Point of Sale
    dinerr can be used by any restaurant, regardless of if you already have a point of sale integrated or not.

    Use dinerr as standalone solution or as extension of your POS

With dinerr you can

Get client, sales & menu insights

  • Leverage statistics on popular menu categories, most ordered drink & food combinations
  • Get data on profit per dish, revenue drivers and impact of pricing on sales per unit
  • Identify bottlenecks and plan resources better

Reduce waiting time for your visitors

  • Minimized waiting time for food preparation
  • No confusion with what was ordered
  • Track order status in real-time

Cut down personnel cost

  • Visitors place orders using their mobile phones without waiter
  • Orders show up on kitchen dashboard immediately
  • Accept online payments. Digital and printed invoices are supported

Enjoy always up-to-date menu

Printed menus are a thing of the past. Add new dishes, dynamically update pricing and discounts on the fly.

How it works

How work image 1

Visitor scans QR-code on the table

How work image 2

Places and pays an order digitally

How work image 3

Kitchen staff prepares the order

How work image 4

Waiter delivers the dishes

How work image 5

Visitor can leave a tip and review

Add dinerr to your Point of Sale

dinerr can be used as white-label solution. Interested to sell it as part of your Point of Sale? Write an email to


How much does dinerr cost?

We charge nothing at all. What we do offer are client insights based on the aggregated data for a fee. This fee equals 1% of revenue. For the first month this service is offered to you free of charge. No hidden costs or subscriptions apply.

Is participating in the beta testing totally free?

Restaurants participating during the testing period can do so free of charge and explore the dinerr platform. You have no commitments or other obligations. If you like the platform and want to continue using it after the testing period, we are happy to welcome you as customer. Even then it will still be totally free.

What countries are supported?

Currently we are only supporting Switzerland, but will in the upcoming months roll out in Western Europe, North America and other parts of the world.

Which distribution channels are supported?

Our platform can for now be used for dine-in clients only. The dinerr app for delivery & takeaway will be available in a few months.

Do you provide support?

We offer support via email, phone at +41767843992 and on WhatsApp (in the bottom right corner).

How quickly can I get started?

You can sign up anytime and become fully operational within a few hours. Register, add your restaurant's information and menu. Afterwards set up the different users, generate the QR-codes and print them directly or have them delivered by one of our partners.